29 Jul 2014

How does the EcoGrid assist with keeping your horses healthy?

July 29, 2014News

So how does the EcoGrid assist with keeping your horses healthy?


Horses rely on a part of their foot, called a frog, to keep their circulatory system healthy. The frog needs sufficient contact with the ground, coupled with enough pressure to activate the pump action required to push blood flow up towards the heart.

Soft, muddy surfaces don’t provide enough support for the frog to function naturally. EcoGrid/EcoRaster assists with eliminating mud and provides a firm and stable surface making sure there is enough compression on the frog to be effective.

Avoid tendons and soft tissue damage

Rhonda Rathgeber at Hagyard, Davidson and McGee Equine Associates in Lexington, Kentucky, says “Classically, you see more soft tissue injuries (tendons, ligaments and muscles) with the deeper types of footing such as muddy or sandy ground, and more bony problems with harder surfaces, all due to the concussive forces.”

The EcoGrid/EcoRaster promotes natural horse movement. The high degree of elasticity in the product provides a stable structure with excellent grip properties that is gentle on tendons and joints.

Prevention is better than cure

Riding areas that don’t drain well are breeding grounds for bacteria and fungal organisms. These unhealthy environments lead to infections and illness. High costs associated with treating mud related diseases could be avoided by introducing an effective mud management solution.

By using EcoGrid as a mechanical separation layer between the tread layer and the gravel sub base, water is able to drain naturally into the ground, avoiding mud build-up. A dry surface area provides a safe and healthy environment for your horse, with improved riding comfort.

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