16 Oct 2013

Ecogrid Ecobound Resin Bound Stone System – Continued

October 16, 2013News

Our website managers, YesCanDo, will soon be updating our website with more details of the fantastic Ecogrid Ecobound Resin Bound Stone system.
Resin bound stone is a new and effective way of providing a highly aesthetic surface for your home, business premises or other external or for that matter, internal surface area that is both very robust and load bearing, but also fully permeable or porous. That means that any water or rainwater that hits the surface will freely drain through the resin bound topping and through the Ecogrid base system to naturally dissipate in to the water table.


These types of surfaces have an obvious advantage in current times as they are free draining and therefore add effectively to flood risk prevention. A resin bound surface is SUDS compliant and requires no planning permission, an important fact with the new to be introduced surface water regulations.

Resin bound stone should not be confused with resin bonded stone, bound in simple terms means that the pieces of aggregates and fines are firmly adhered together with a highly robust bonding system which actually has 20% voids, thus allowing water and fine detritus to pass freely through.

In the past, resin bound stone was floated over a variety of sub-bases such as porous asphalt, tarmac or shredded rubber from recycled tyres. Whereas these are perfectly acceptable sub-bases, they are not very environmentally friendly, not easy to lay, very costly and require a high skill set to implement.